{Casual Foodie} Mo Ran Gak, Garden Grove

nI’ve been sitting on these pictures for a long time. You’ll notice by the mul naengmyeon that these pictures were taken back when the weather was warm. We had taken a quick trip down south and couldn’t decide where to eat. With my parents, Korean food is always a winner, so I did a quick search for a good Korean restaurant in the area. Mo Ran Gak seemed to have good reviews, and the crowd of people waiting when we arrived confirmed that it was worth a try.


The prices are reasonable, and there was a lot of variety on the menu. The banchan included this steamed egg that I’ve heard a lot about but have never tried. I hear so many people say that they love Korean steamed eggs. Well, to me, they taste like…scrambled eggs. Nothing special. Maybe I just make my scrambled eggs softer than most people or maybe these weren’t the best examples of these infamous steamed eggs, but the texture wasn’t all that much different than what I make at home.


My parents and Aldwin ordered a meat combo. The portion was pretty good for them, and the workers came over and offered to help cook very often. Btw, the service was awesome. They were super friendly, helpful with the cooking and especially good with my two munchkins who were having a particularly bad night at the time. There was food throwing (which honestly doesn’t happen), and the waiters came and helped clean up with smiles on their faces. We were pretty stressed and embarrassed, and they acted like it was nothing new. Props to them.


As you already saw, I ordered the mul naengmyeon because I almost always order that when it’s hot. The broth was flavorful and the noodles had good bite. I think it was the prettiest bowl of mul naengmyeon I’ve ever had, too.


As I was looking at these photos, I noticed that last photo looks like a frog face, and now I can’t unsee the frog. Still makes me want mul naengmyeon, though!

No photos of the Mini Foodie on this go because, as I mentioned earlier, there was food throwing. Also I was pretty much eating my soup one handed during most of the meal because the Tiny Foodie was grouchy, too.

Overall I’d say Mo Ran Gak is worth a stop if you’re in the area and wanting some Korean. I don’t live around there, so I can’t tell you how it compares to other Korean restaurants in the surrounding area. I can tell you that we enjoyed our meal there, and the service was awesome.

Anyone been to Mo Ran Gak or other Korean restaurants in the Garden Grove/Anaheim area? Have you tried those Korean steamed eggs? 

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  1. i think i may have tried this place!! in my opinion though.. i have not had much good korean food in SF. i think SF has better japanese and chinese right? there are two mool naeng myun places in LA that i absolutely love!! i spent an entire summer in korea eating naengmyun for at least one meal a day. 😛 i guess the broth is just difficult to make. if you’re ever down in LA.. i have tons of korean food recommendations. also, the eggs.. i don’t know if there’s much special about them especially if you try them for the first time as an adult, but for me it’s definitely a nostalgia thing. 🙂

    • I’ve been told that Korean food is much better in LA, but I don’t get a lot of opportunity to compare. Next time we head south I’ll have to ask you for your recommendations! Mul naeng myun is *the* perfect summer dish for people who like noodles, myself included. 🙂 I’m the only person I know who orders is regularly, though.

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