It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these, and I know you’re just dying to hear what I’ve been stuffing my face with lately. Ya?

Homemade kombucha! A while back I became completely obsessed with kombucha. Something about the slightly sweet, slightly sour, bubbly concoction is so addicting to me!

20150218-DSC_9841After spending way too much on the stuff the first few weeks of my addiction, I started brewing my own kombucha at home (so much cheaper) using a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. I know you were wondering. :P) I grew myself. I had plans of buying a SCOBY, but one day I noticed a film in one of my store bought bottles of kombucha. I filled the bottle with super sweet tea and left it on the counter for a week, and lo and behold, a SCOBY started forming! The weather was cold at the time, so it took a while for me to grow the SCOBY to the point where it could brew larger batches of kombucha. Now it’s thriving!  Normally it sits on top of the liquid, but in this shot it fell into the brew after I poured myself a cup. I need to invest in one of those drink jars with spouts or something. 20150218-DSC_9822

Lately I’ve been making mine with earl grey tea, and I’ve been loving the notes of bergamot in the finished drink.

Have you gotten on the kombucha train? Do you brew your own?

Keeping tabs on my snacking? 😛

Currently obsessed with these whole roasted cocoa beans from Dandelion ChocolateCurrently snacking on Taza Chocolate bars and goat cheeseCurrently snacking on apples, Haystack Mountain goat cheese and Lemonbird lemongrass + Thai chili preserves.

Recipes I’m currently obsessed with…

Get fancy with porcini mushroom fresh pasta made with almond flour.Tart hibiscus tea with hints of aromatic rose paired with sweet mango and honey boba for the perfect summer refresher.Step up your ice cream game with fragrant lemongrass and spicy ginger all in a creamy coconut base. Oh, and it happens to be vegan, too.