Sometimes you just want to look at some delicious food. You don’t want to be bothered with reading about someone’s opinions on complementing flavors or the nuances of this or that. The Flash Foodie Series is here to help you with that. Food photos only – sometimes with a description.

Come drool with me. 

These are just a few shots from our most recent visit to Morimoto Napa. For a full review and shots from my first visit, check out my restaurant review.

Toro Tartare
Toro Tartare – wasabi, nori paste, sturgeon caviar, sour cream
(full dish pictured above)

Morimoto Braised Cod
Braised Black Cod – ginger soy reduction

Morimoto Pork Chop
Morimoto ‘Pork Chop and Applesauce’ – snake river farms kurobuta, kimchee, bacon, ginger apple puree

Mango Sorbet Coconut Meringue
{I don’t remember the name of this! We ordered omakase, and this isn’t on the menu.}
mango sorbet, toasted coconut, coconut meringue and citrus jelly

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