I love Farmers’ Markets, but I’m horrible at remembering to go. I’ve been a member of a CSA for years and am so used to getting my local, organic produce that way I forget that the local Farmers’ Markets are a great place to pick up beautiful produce as well.


The past few weeks we’ve been hitting the local San Pedro Farmers Market on Friday afternoons. I love browsing the stands and picking out beautiful, fresh produce and knowing that it didn’t have to travel far to get to me.


These little peppers were so colorful and about the size of a plum. So cute!


Bright little tomatoes. We took a variety home to slow roast – my favorite way to eat tomatoes!

eggplant varieties

I’ve never seen so many varieties of eggplant in one spot! I think I counted seven different types at this one stand.




Do you frequent your local Farmers Markets? What are you favorite things to pick up?

Also, if you’re local to the SF Bay Area I’d love some recommendations on markets to check out!