Gift Guide for Foodies Who Can Cook

Last week we brought you the Gift Guide for Foodies Who Can’t Cook, so today we’re going to get those people on your list who are not only lovers of good food but are masters in the kitchen as well.

I give you the Gift Guide for Foodies who CAN Cook.

* Disclaimer: This post contains some Amazon affiliate links. If you use these links I may receive a teeny, tiny, little commission off your purchase at no extra cost to you. All items listed are items I genuinely recommend and would use/eat myself. Prices are accurate as of the writing of this post.


  1. Side Swipe Paddle – If you know your way around a kitchen, you very likely own a stand mixer of some sort. If you own a stand mixer, you also know how annoying it is to have to keep stopping the mixer to scrape down the sides of the bowl. All bakers rejoice! The Side Swipe Paddle scrapes down the sides for you as it’s mixing! (Note: be sure to get the correct paddle for your mixer model) {on Amazon, $28}
  2. Molecular Gastronomy Kit – For those who like to go all Bill Nye in the kitchen, this kit is a fun intro into adding some molecular gastronomy to your dinner parties. {on Amazon, $45}
  3. Mushroom Farm  – Your friends are tired of hearing you say, “Oh yeah, I made that from scratch.” Now you can add in, “And I grew the mushrooms myself, too.” That’ll get ’em. {on Amazon, $20}
  4. A Year of Kitchen Letters – Do you wish you could pick a chef’s brain about the stories and tips behind their recipes? A subscription to Kitchen Letters will get you just a little bit closer to that dream. Bi-weekly recipe cards come with a personal letter from the chef with their kitchen tips and foodie stories! {Food52, $60}
  5. Immersion Circulator – If you’re a foodie who loves to cook, you’ve been wanting to cook sous vide. Unless you have unlimited kitchen cabinet and counter space, the size of most circulators is a big turn off. Enter the SanSaire! Clip it inside a deep stock pot and you’ve got yourself an immersion circulator with a smaller footprint than most. When you’re done, unclip it to store – the circulator itself takes up less cabinet space than a roll of paper towels! {on Amazon, $200}
  6. Mushroom Powder – Porcini mushroom powder adds a punch of umami to anything. It’l be your secret weapon. Trust me. {on Amazon, $30}


  1. Morimoto Cookbook – Celebrity chef, interesting recipes, gorgeous food photography, examples of crazy good knife skills. What’s not to love? {on Amazon, $26}
  2. Meatitarian Lunch Bags – You’ve seen them, and now you want them. There’s nothing left to say. 😛 {etsy, sammo, $3.50 for 5 bags}
  3. Pasta Machine – If you’re a foodie who can cook, then you really should own your own pasta maker. Seriously, fresh pasta is where it’s at. Oh but wait, you own a stand mixer, too, right?  Then you’re going to want THIS ONE. It makes fresh pasta a breeze. {on Amazon, $70 or $140}
  4. Spiralizer – No grain for you? Get your own “fresh pasta” by spiralizing your vegetables. Saves time and looks much cooler than “noodles” made using a julienne peeler. Also works awesome for hashes and veggie waffles/fritters. {on Amazon, $35}
  5. Kitchen Torch – Creme brulee, merengues, raw tuna, that steak you just pulled from the water bath. Imagine all the things you could make all brown and toasty with a kitchen torch. Yeah, now the gears are turning… {on Amazon, $26}
  6. Grilling Spices – Okay, I know you probably have your own secret blend of spices for grilling, but if you’re like me, you also don’t turn down fun, high quality herb and spice blends to play with. {etsy, SpiceExpresssions, $33.50}


  1. Ice Pop Mold – Sure it’s winter now, but soon enough it’s going to be hot out. And then you’re going to want a sweet coconut curry ice pop. Or strawberry balsamic. Or spicy dark chocolate. Or salted caramel gelato. Do I need to keep going? {on Amazon, $15}
  2. Gourmet Ingredient Subscription Box – For a foodie who likes to cook, there’s nothing more fun than experimenting with gourmet and rare ingredients. A monthly Hatchery subscription box gets you a curated selection of small-batch artisan ingredients delivered right to your door. Experiment away! {Hatchery, $75 for 3 months of deliveries}
  3. Wonderbag – Love slow cooking but hate leaving the crockpot, stove or oven on all day long? Then the Wonderbag is your answer. Bring your ingredients to a boil on your stove then stick the pot in the Wonderbag. It insulates the pot and uses the heat from the initial boil to keep your food slow cooking without plugs or electricity. Pretty cool, huh? {on Amazon, $45}
  4. Truffles – No, not truffle salt or truffle oil. Truffles. Or if you’re on a budget, just truffle, since these little umami bombs can cost a pretty penny. Save on shipping costs by finding them locally. I’ve been able to source and purchase fresh truffles from local fresh pasta shops and Italian markets, mushroom shops (like Far West Fungi) and even Whole Foods. If you’re local to Eataly, they had plenty last time I was there. I stood in front of the case drooling.
  5. On Food and Cooking – Anyone truly interested in food, cooking and how ingredients transform in the kitchen owns or has read On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee. In fact, it’s required reading for admission into the super secret, elite tribe of True Foodies. If your “foodie” friend hasn’t read this, you can gift it to them with a card that says, “And now you’re officially a Foodie.” {on Amazon, $23}


Are you an ace in the kitchen? What’s on your wish list?

Need more foodie gift ideas? Maybe for someone who’s not so great in the kitchen? 

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  1. great list! 🙂 i had no idea that side swipe paddle existed. life changed FOREVER! haha Actually, I don’t claim to be great in the kitchen.. but I like things that make it easier for me to bake. And truffles? Yes please! haha I’ll even take the one truffle!

    • No really, that paddle really does change your life! I don’t think you really notice how truly annoying scraping down the bowl is until you don’t have to do it anymore. And the truffle(s) – you can do so much with just the one. Soooo worth it.

  2. Cool selections! Interestingly I have quite a few chef friends and I have been wondering what to get them. I usually go with my favorite book. The Kitchen Letters Subscription got me piqued. How cool is that! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. My Mom would love so much of what you listed!

  4. Angelic Sinova

    Great list, I have a lot of foodies (who can cook) in my life! I know a few people who have been asking for a Pasta Machine for ages <3

  5. Great list! I want every single one of these!!!

  6. The Spiralizer is so smart! I love it!

  7. What a stellar little gift guide!! <3

  8. I am FAR from being a foodie or a great chef, but I would love that mushroom kit (I’m intrigued by the idea of growing my own food even if I do have the opposite of a green thumb!). 🙂

  9. Ok. I am proud to say no one has died from eating my food, but some of these items are off the charts for me. However, I am really really interested in that wonderbag… there might be hope for me yet LOL

    • Keeping everyone alive is always an accomplishment to be proud of. 😉 And that Wonderbag is like a super convenient kitchen tool that happens to be environmentally friendly to boot!

  10. This is the greatest post to date! yesyesyeysyes! Fantastic. I have been wracking my brains for what to get my foodie brother for Christmas because I just don’t know. This is my answer! YAY!

  11. fabulous list!! #3 & #6 are musts!!

  12. I want that side swipe paddle!! It’s so annoying to have to keep scraping down the sides. Great list:).

    • You know it’s a problem when recipes actually tell you to “stop and scrape down the sides of the bowl”!

  13. Awesome ideas! I will keep in mind for my mother in law!

  14. I like the side swipe paddle, my mom has one but I’m so not a foodie.

  15. Such cool ideas! I’ve always wanted to try one of those molecular cooking kits.

  16. My husbands mom is a great cook- thanks for all the gift ideas!

  17. I have top three choices from this list : the Grilling Spices, the Torch and the Ice Pop Mold. These are simple things which are simple but I don’t have yet at home (imagine?)

    • Well now you can add them to your personal wish list! Or your list of things to buy yourself in the future. 🙂

  18. I love the idea of giving whole truffles. I actually don’t know much about them – like I would have no idea how to store them or how long they last etc etc!!

    Katie <3

    • Fresh truffles are such a treat! Most places that sell them are wonderful about helping you figure all that out! Temperature and humidity are different everywhere, so your local shop will know the best way to store them for where you live, I’d think.

  19. Some great ideas for the foodies! I love Hatchery!

  20. Adding a few of these to my own wishlist, and buying some for my boyfriend’s sister, too!!

  21. I love these ideas for my husband! Such great suggestions.

  22. Great list! I need that spiralizer in my life!

  23. these are such great ideas for my boyfriend, he loves to cook!

  24. What a great gift list! Love all of these ideas!

  25. Oh, these are all great ideas! I know quite a few people that would love them!

  26. That is one good looking kitchen torch and I know exactly who can do with one to go with her baking of the multitude lol. This is a great compilation.

  27. OMG the Side Swipe Paddle is totally going on my wish list!!!

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