Lovely Letters: April

I know. I’m so, so late with this, but better late than never? Maybe?

Last month I participated in Lovely Letters – an awesome snail mail exchange between bloggers organized by Esther of Local Adventurer and Jordan of Beer Time with Wagner. In a world where pretty much everything can be done with your phone or computer, it’s nice to be able to open an actual, handwritten letter attached to a package full of fun things someone thought to give you (as in, not something that you bought online. :P). It’s even more fun putting together a package for someone else you’ve gotten to know better over the past month!

This month I was paired up with the lovely Esther – a fellow foodie and lover of travel. She and her husband Jacob live in a city for one year finding all the awesome things to do and sharing it on their blog. Local Adventurer. How frickin’ cool is that? I’ve used her Vegas posts to get ideas for our visits to Sin City in the past, and I’m super excited to see what she and Jacob share from San Diego.



  • colorful note cards
  • The Giver
  • color film
  • Hi-Chews
  • a colorful letter

Esther and I found we both share a love of dystopian fiction, and when I heard she hadn’t read The Giver yet, I had to grab her a copy. If you’ve seen Esther’s blog, you know that she’s an amazing photographer. I knew that she had recently gotten a film camera, so I added a roll of film from my stash into the mix for her to play with. As one of the organizers of the Lovely Letters exchange, Esther obviously writes a lot of letters, so I thought some pretty note cards could come in handy. And finally, Hi-Chews…because Hi-Chews are yummy. 🙂


  • pretty, floral oven mitt
  • colorful notebook
  • Japanese Kit Kats
  • postcards
  • Jasmine socks

I’m seriously in love with the oven mitt, and the socks are super cute (sidenote: my daughter thinks they’re puppets and asks for them to be put on her hands whenever she sees them). The biggest win of the bunch (which is saying something because I really love everything she sent) is the Kit Kats! I always ask friends and family who travel to Japan to bring back Kit Kats for me because they have so many cool flavors there. I had yet to try one of the bakeable Kit Kats, though, so I was super excited to see Esther had sent one my way.


And what did it taste like? The sugars in the outer coating caramelize and crisp up forming a shell similar to creme brulee. It basically just enhanced my obsession with Japanses Kit Kats. Need. More. Now.

From Esther’s post, I see that she also included some cute stickers in the package (and wrapped it all up in pretty paper), but unfortunately, a pair of two year old hands got to the package before I did. The stickers are MIA, though I’m sure I’ll find them stuck in some random place the day we move out of this house…whenever that may be. 😛

To find out more about the Lovely Letters Snail Mail Exchange, check out Esther’s post HERE. It’s a little late to sign up for the May swap, but you can leave your email address to be notified when the next signup goes live.


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  1. yay! thank you for your package!! I actually finished the Giver already. I feel like the story was just getting started when it ended. 🙁 Now I have to read the others! lol

    I’m the same way with kit kats.. i ask everyone who flies through Japan to bring me back some new kit kats. They have all the best flavors over there. I found mine in a japanese store in Vegas. Apparently there are tons of japanese hawaiians that live in vegas. 🙂
    Local Adventurer recently posted…25 Free Things to Do in Las VegasMy Profile

    • Yes! I felt like I had more questions when it ended than when it started. I will warn you that a lot of my questions went unanswered through the rest of the series, though we might not be wondering the same things. 😛

      Maybe I’ll have to track down a Japanese store next time I’m in Vegas. The shops around here only carry different flavors once in a while, and when they do they sell out super quickly.

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