Confession: I’ve never been on a picnic. At least, I’ve never been on a quintessential pack-up-some-food-in-a-basket-and-bring-a-blanket type of picnic. I’ve done plenty of lunches in parks or on the beach…on tables with a grill or some sandwiches we picked up at a shop. Not quite the same.

While Aldwin and I were registering for gifts (before we got married, obv) I became enamored with this picnic basket. It was one of those that came with the blanket, plates, utensils, even glasses that all hid in the lid of the basket. Aldwin said we shouldn’t register for it because “when are we ever going to use it?” Over seven years later and it turns out the answer is “not once in at least seven years.”

For the record, I never got the basket, so the answer could very well be, “If we had the basket, we would have used it.” Right? 😉 Just nod your head.

A collection of 36 delicious, picnic perfect foods that all just happen to be gluten free.

Special basket or not, all the awesomeness in this picnic food roundup is making me want to whip something up, grab a blanket and the kids and head somewhere with grass…possibly the lake about a hundred steps from our front door. I know. I really have no excuses for not picnicking.

But that shouldn’t stop you from heading over to Cupcakes & Kale Chips and getting your picnic on with some of the delicious, picnic perfect foods I’ve gathered for you over there. Seriously, go check them out because they are the whole reason I realized I’ve been picnic deprived. No joke.

So get to planning your next picnic already! And maybe invite me? Kidding (not kidding).

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 I think these would be picnic perfect, too. Then again, I wouldn’t know, right? 😛

These grain free dumpling wrappers will change your world. Use them to fry up some Pork and Mushroom Potstickers for Chinese New Year!A classic appetizer kicked up a notch using goat cheese and caramelized onions.Roasted garlic. Roasted eggplant. Put them together, and you'll want to put it on everything.Sweet roasted tomatoes, tangy feta and salty olives all piled into chewy mushroom caps. gluten free, grain freesesame-ban-mian-zoodles-featChicken liver pate with spiced pears.


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