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Cinnamon Cocoa Nib Butter Cookies

Oh, hi there! Remember me? No? Ya, me neither. 😛 I’m interrupting my radio silence for a good cause. Cookies. Not just any cookies. Cookies for Kids’ Cancer!…

Like a deliciously creamy pumpkin pie in a bowl, this Maple Pumpkin Panna Cotta with super simple to make. Nothing tastes like fall like pumpkin and maple and cream.

Maple Pumpkin Panna Cotta

I love the holiday season. Love. All the food and family and food and friends and food. Everyone just enjoying each other’s company…eating. Plus, there’s all the food….

Restaurant Review of Aziza in San Francisco, CA

{Restaurant Review} Aziza, San Francisco

Driven by a desire to strip away the clichĂ©s and misconceptions about Moroccan food and celebrate its true potential for fine dining, [Chef Mourad]’s cooking is both cerebral…

Rich and creamy with a hint of herby thyme and just the right balance of tart goat cheese. My favorite ice cream of the moment!

Goat Cheese Honey Thyme Ice Cream

Hey, look! It’s a bandwagon! Let’s jump on it! Yes, yes, I know that no-churn ice cream has been all over Pinterest and the general internets lately. I…

Delicious food at the perfect little getaway overlooking the San Francisco Bay.

{Restaurant Review} Tiburon Tavern – Tiburon, CA

      Okay. I have a horrible sense of direction. Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you that I can rarely give you directions. And…

Rich and creamy chocolate coconut ice cream topped with lavender infused olive oil and sea salt. Dairy free!

Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream with Lavender Infused Olive Oil + A Baby Shower!

It’s a party! Something must have been in the water eight or nine months ago because so many wonderful ladies I know will be adding a bundle of…

Easy mushroom leek Chinese dumplings. Deliciously savory and vegetarian, too! Step-by-step folding tutorial plus three cooking methods!

Mushroom Leek Chinese Dumplings

Hi, guys! Whew! I’m kind of amazed that I actually found the time to sit and write this post. You might vaguely remember way back when I mentioned…

Super easy and packed with flavor, Lumpia Shangai make the perfect party food. Bonus - this version is baked, not fried!

Baked Lumpia Shanghai with Spicy Passion Fruit Dipping Sauce

When I try to think back to my earliest memories of my grandmother, the first ones that come to mind are of my cousins and me eating lunch…

23 Perfect lunch box snacks - all gluten free!

{Roundup} Gluten Free Lunchbox Snacks

It’s that time again! That time of year when school supplies overflow from their usual spots in the office supply aisles. That time when backpacks and lunch bags…

Spiced, wine poached pears with tangy, herbed goat cheese served over crisp endive - an easy and impressive appetizer or hors d'oeuvre.

Wine Poached Pears with Goat Cheese and Endive

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a recipe. Life’s been throwing a bunch of busy-fying things my way (good things!), and I’ve fallen behind on the…

Restaurant Review and tips on eating at State Bird Provisions in San Francisco, CA.

{Restaurant Review} State Bird Provisions, San Francisco

Whenever I have conversations with people about restaurants they love or want to try in San Francisco, State Bird Provisions always seems to come up. While the city has…

Chicken liver pate with spiced pears.

{Film} Pate with Spiced Pears

A few months back I started playing around, taking pictures using 35mm film. When I was scouting out places to develop the film, one of the people I…