Conversations with Cadence Volume 5

Conversations with Cadence Volume 5

…in which she picks up phrases from some unknown source and uses them ALL THE TIME.

It’s been a while since I wrote one of these, mostly because our conversations have become increasingly more normal, which I guess is weird in and of itself. However, we’ve noticed some phrases in Cadence’s regular rotation that we definitely have never used with her. What’s eerie is that she uses them in somewhat the correct context. Now if I could just figure out where she’s learning them from…

Phrase 1: “[Insert Name]! You saved me!”
Example: After riding in the car with me to meet her dad somewhere, Aldwin opens her door. “Daddy! You saved me!”

Phrase 2: “[Insert Name]! You’re safe! I’m so glad to see you!”
Example: Cadence notices Aria is gone and worriedly asks where she went. I tell her that Aria is napping. Later, when Aria wakes up, and I bring her to the living room – “Aria! You’re safe! I’m so glad to see you!”

Phrase 3: “I know! I (have) an idea! How about [insert thing she should not have/eat/do]?”
Example: While eating lunch I ask Cadence if she’d like some chicken. Her response – “Umm…no thanks. I know! I an idea! How about marshmallows?”

Phrase 4: “[Insert Name], you ate it!”
Example: I painted Cadences toes for Easter, and she had been proudly showing them off to everyone. A few days later, the paint had peeled off and – “Mommy! Look at my – *gasp*!!! What happened to my toes?! Aya, you ate it!”

Phrase 5: While petting subject’s head – “Oh, [Insert Name], you’re so cute/sweet.”
Example: “Oh, Kia, you’re so cute.” (Kia is her stuffed kitty) “Oh, Aya, you’re so sweet.” {Must imagine with the petting.}

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