Currently Drooling Over…

Currently Drooling Over…

In January I feel like everyone makes commitments to eat better…and then there’s me sitting here looking at awesome food photos and drooling all over my keyboard. The best thing about being a food blogger is all the wonderful, talented people you meet who are passionate about the same things you are. The worst thing is seeing all the things these talented people make – it keeps you hungry all day! 😉

Just so I’m not alone in my cravings for things I have yet to taste (I mean, come on. Look at these pictures and tell me they don’t make you want to eat your screens!), I’ve decided to share the crazy. These insanely talented ladies have put together some ridiculously delicious looking recipes that have had me daydreaming of their yumminess all month.

You know I always ask you to come drool with me. :)

Greek Yogurt Dip from Food Faith Fitness
It’s dip season. At first glance you may be thinking, what’s so special about this one? Ahh…but that’s exactly why it is so special. It’s specialness is hidden! It looks so creamy and rich and decadent, and it is…but it isn’t. Seriously, just go click over to Taylor’s site and see what I’m talking about. Or you could just come over because I’m totally making this. When I dip, you dip, we dip, right? 😉


Gluten Free Scallion Pancakes from Snixy Kitchen
When I was in middle school, my family went through a phase where we ate at this one Chinese restaurant like every other week. Every time we went we would order their version of these scallion pancakes. Then Sarah goes and makes this gluten free version, and I feel like I literally need to go shut the front door…and the back door. They look so light and crisp and mmmm….

Onsen Tamago from Just One Cookbook
I had never heard of Onsen Tamago before I saw Nami’s post. I’ve been a bit obsessed with sous vide eggs ever since I perfected the timing to get the texture I wanted, BUT these look better! With sous vide eggs, the yolk stays creamy, but so do the whites. These looks like the whites are softer than poached but more set than sous vide. The perfect egg if you ask me. Bonus – no special equipment required!


Apple Fritter Blondies from Wallflour Girl
Normally I hate when people put periods as emphasis, but come on. Apple. Fritter. Blondies. Apple fritters are the hubs’ donut of choice, and I’ve been in love with blondies ever since I discovered them (sadly, very late in life). Basically, these are my marriage in a baking pan, and I can’t believe Ala thought of it before I did. Actually, I can.

Heart Shaped Cornflake Cookies from Local Adventurer
As soon as I saw these cookies from Esther I thought, how in the world have I not seen/made these before?? Really, I’m kind of ashamed of myself. The Mini Foodie recently discovered marshmallows (literally, she found a bag that a friend left on the table…and ate them all), so I think these are in my near future as a fun toddler-cooking-time treat.

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