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Gluten Free Springtime Sweets – Roundup

Gluten Free Springtime Sweets - Roundup

One thing I love about food is that scents and flavors can come together to taste like something…intangible. Something that doesn’t technically have a taste. Like Christmas. When I ate at Benu a couple months ago, as soon as I tasted one of the dishes I immediately exclaimed that it tasted “like Christmas”. Does Christmas actually have a flavor? I don’t know, but that dish tasted like it to me.

And Springtime. Spring to me is flowers. It’s sunshine (sorry, I live in California where we actually pray for rain because we don’t get enough. April showers are pretty foreign to me). It’s farmers markets overflowing with color. It’s ripe, sweet, juicy fruit. Not the gum. Actual fruit, you silly.

Does Spring have a flavor? I don’t know, but today over on Cupcakes & Kale Chips I’ve gathered over thirty recipes that could very well taste like Spring to you. Maybe your Spring is raspberries – juicy and sweet with just a hint of tart. Maybe it’s lemons with their bright, happy flavor that makes your mouth feel like it’s full of sunshine. Or maybe your Spring is coconut – smooth, creamy and only slightly sweet.

Whatever your Spring, I’ve got something for you…and as usual, it’s all gluten free.


So click on over to Cupcakes & Kale Chips and check out the rainbow I’ve gathered for you. Spring is coming. Can you taste it?

So you have a sweet tooth?

Easy three ingredient Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies are the perfect soft, moist cookie with crispy edges...and naturally gluten free!
Silky smooth, creamy and delicious white chocolate matcha pie with almond crust. So simple yet impressive! (grain free, gluten free)

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