Volume 3 – Conversations with Cadence

Volume 3 - Conversations with Cadence

…in which we see more expansion of language and understanding of situations…mostly situations that we haven’t taught her about. o.o

Scenario 1
Me: Cadence, you stink. Come here so we can change you.
* Cadence drops to the floor and lays down*
C: No, I can’t. I’m sleeping. *snores*

Scenario 2
We walk out to the livingroom in the morning.
C: Oh no! It’s night time!
Me: No, it’s morning, Cadence.
C: It’s so dark!
*Cadence turns to Aria and says in a creepy voice*
C: Oooo, Aya. It’s sooooooo daaaarrrrk.

Scenario 3
C: Nee nog, please!
Me: Cadence, say “egg nog.”
C: Nee nog
Me: Say “egg”
C: Egg
Me: Nog
C: Nog
Me: Egg….Nog
C: Egg….Nog
Me: Egg nog
C: Nee nog

Scenario 4
The garbage truck rolls by
C: Oh! What’s that?
Me: You tell me. What is it?
C: A monster!
*turns to Aria and says in a creepy voice*
C: Aya, it’s a monster! Come to get you!!
(Out with it. Who’s teaching her about monsters??)

Scenario 5
While eating a bagel…obv
C: Mommy, this a donuts?
Me: No, that’s a bagel.
*Cadence makes skeptical face and says slower*
C: This..a dooonuts?
Me: It’s a bagel.
*Cadence holds up the bagel and points to it, speaking slowly*
C: A…doooooo…nuuuts??
Me: Cadence, that’s a bagel.
C: Oh. *thinks for a second* I like it!
(Apparently my two year old is questioning my understanding of the English language.)

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