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ٍArcadia - Flash Foodie

I was looking through some old photos and came across some shots from our visit to Michael Mina – Arcadia a couple years ago. I never wrote out a review for the dishes, so I thought I’d just share the food porn.

NOTE: Arcadia was probably the dimmest restaurant I’ve ever tried to take photos in, and I think the photos show it. I always think some record is better than none, though. 


Menu shot in case you doubted we were actually at Arcadia.


Pictures of bread and butter because that’s how I roll. (teehee) If I remember correctly, the red stuff was a tomato compote.

Arcadia Lettuce Wraps

Shrimp lettuce wraps.

Arcadia Sliders

Some sort of burger or slider thing.

Arcadia Scallops
Arcadia Scallop Close up

My entree was scallops. Just four, but I do remember them being delicious.

Arcadia Duck Fat Fries

Duck fat fries. We were strongly encouraged to order this by several friends and family. Now I love duck, but I think I just don’t “get” duck fat fries. I think I expected them to taste like duck, but they didn’t. They tasted like fries. They might have been richer? Is that the point?

Arcadia Steak and Bone Marrow

Aldwin got a steak with a side of bone marrow. I mean, if you go to one Michael Mina restaurant and order bone marrow, you have to order it again when you try the chef’s other restaurant, right? Plus who doesn’t pair their protein with a side of protein? Everyone? Oh.

For dessert we had the root beer float and cookies. They tasted like a root beer float and cookies. Not amazing, but when does a root beer float or cookies ever disappoint?

Overall, I think this was a good meal.

See Arcadia’s website HERE and their yelp reviews HERE.

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