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The French Laundry Food Photos – Flash Foodie

The French Laundry Food Photos - Flash Foodie

Sometimes you just want to look at some delicious food. You don’t want to be bothered with reading about someones opinions on complementing flavors or the nuances of this or that. The Flash Foodie Series is here to help you with that. Food photos only – sometimes with a description. Come drool with me. 

Food photos from The French Laundry. For more photos and a full review, visit my restaurant review.


Amuse bouche – salmon tartare “ice cream cone”

TFL Tomato Salad

French Laundry Garden Tomato Salad

Columbia River Sturgeon

Columbia River Sturgeon “Confit a la Minute”

Atlantic Fluke Carpaccio

“Carpaccio” of Atlantic Fluke

Butter Poached Lobster

Sweet Butter Poached Maine Lobster Tail

Liberty Farm Duck

“Rouelle” of Liberty Farm Pekin Duck

Marcho Farm Nature-Fed Veal

Marcho Farm Nature-Fed Veal

Sweet Tea Sorbet

Sweet Tea Sorbet

Peach Melba

“Peach Melba”

The French Laundry Coffee

Coffee Semifreddo

To see the rest of the courses and read my thoughts, see my full review HERE.

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