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Luce, San Francisco – Flash Foodie

Luce, San Francisco - Flash Foodie

Sometimes you just want to look at some delicious food. You don’t want to be bothered with reading about someone’s opinions on complementing flavors or the nuances of this or that. The Flash Foodie Series is here to help you with that. Food photos only – sometimes with a description.

Come drool with me. 

Today I’ve got just a few of the dishes from dinner at the Michelin starred Luce in San Francisco, CA. Come back in a couple weeks for the full review. 


amuse bouche – fresh pea panna cotta


wild king salmon belly confit, beets and bartlett pear, creme fraiche


aged carnaroli rice risotto, crispy sweetbreads, burgubdy truffle, pickled mushrooms

I’ll meet you right back here in a couple weeks for more drool-worthy food and my full review.

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