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Gift Guide for Foodies Who Can’t Cook

Gift Guide for Foodies Who Can’t Cook

Just because someone calls themselves a foodie doesn’t mean they can actually cook. Weird, but true. There are plenty of people out there who enjoy fine cuisine yet can’t soft boil an egg. Do you know one of those people? Are you one of those people? Well, then I’m here to help you out! While we all appreciate the restaurant gift cards, sometimes it’s fun to give and receive something more creative.

So for your loved ones who love to eat the finer things but aren’t quite sure how to work their oven..or, you know, for yourself…check out these items that any foodie is sure to appreciate.

This is the Gift Guide for Foodies Who Can’t Cook

* Disclaimer: This post contains some Amazon affiliate links. If you use these links I may receive a teeny, tiny, little commission off your purchase at no extra cost to you. All items listed are items I genuinely recommend and would use/eat myself. 

  1. Coffee Art Print – This Foodie friend of yours is obsessed with coffee. Oh, but not just any coffee. Good coffee. Instead of agonizing over which roast you think they’d like, how about a piece of art that any true coffee lover {or lover of awesome hand drawn lettering for that matter} would swoon over? {Jamie Celeste, from $30}
  2. Cocoabella Chocolates – From France to Belgium to local handcrafted treats, Cocoabella’s curated selection of fine chocolates from around the world is a chocolate lovers dream. Grab one of their ready to go collections or browse through their offerings and put together a box of your own. While there, pick up a dark hot chocolate for yourself. Or for me. {Cocoabella Chocolates, prives vary)
  3. Whirley Pop – I think everyone can appreciate good popcorn, and once you’ve made it on the stove, you’ll never go back to the microwave. The Whirley Pop makes stove popped corn so easy, it’ll have even the kitchen challenged boasting about their amazing, gourmet “home made” popcorn. {on Amazon, $20}
  4. Popcorn Seasoning Set – And speaking of amazing popcorn, get all fancy pants and impress your friends (or yourself) with this set of gourmet kernels and seasonings. {Etsy, dellcovespices, $29}
  5. Foodie Survival Kit – Being a foodie who can’t cook can be tough. Sometimes you might end up eating…subpar takeout food. Never fear, the Foodie Survival Kit is here! Everything you need to make a blah meal more palatable in a size that’s easily stashable in a cubicle or the smallest of kitchens (you know, that room with the refrigerator). {Uncommon Goods, $26}
  6. Top Chef in your Kitchen – Who hasn’t dreamt of having a professional chef cook dinner for them (and maybe some guests *cough*me*cough*) in their own home? Kitchit connects you to professional chefs in your area that’ll do just that. Turn your home into an awesome pop-up restaurant for your friends and family! Certain urban areas even have the option of booking some Top Chef alumni to come to their homes and cook for them. Ever watch the show and wish you could taste what the chefs put out? Well, now you can (butonlyifyouinviteme). {Kitchit, from $65 per person}
  1. Not a Paper Cup Travel Mug – Coffee shops are cool. So is being green. Merge them together and you’ve got this travel mug. Look like all the cool kids walking down the street with their paper cups of coffee, except you’re even cooler because your cup isn’t going into a landfill at the end of the day. {on Amazon, $24 for two}
  2. Food Tour – Think you know the food scene in your area? Check out a local food tour and see if you can discover a new favorite. Bonus: You get to spend the whole day eating, and people wont think it’s weird.
  3. Sriracha Gear – Because Sriracha Gear. {leggingsshirtwater bottlecookbook – on Amazon, prices vary}
  4. Chai Spiced Caramel – Your friend can’t cook, but you can. So whip up some of this dessert enhancing Chai Spiced Caramel Sauce, and you’ll have everyone all impressed with your kitchen prowess. {DIY}
  5. Cheese Subway Art – Well, we got art for the coffee lovers, so we have to have some for the cheese lovers, right? You could always get both. {Etsy, VerbosePrints, from $12}
  1. Flavored Simple Syrup – Turn everyday foodstuffs into something fancy with these flavored simple syrups. With just a spoonfull your iced tea becomes Purple Basil and Lime Iced Tea. What?? {Etsy, HalifaxHollow, from $5.50}
  2. Adopt an Olive Tree – It’s like adopting a star but for foodies! You can pick a tree to adopt based on the tasting notes of the oil and you’ll receive olive oil from your tree! If you’re feeling extra generous, you can opt to receive seasonal deliveries of other olive oils from the same company as well. {Nudo Italia, from $69}
  3. Crack Pie Mix – We’ve established that you’re not much for the cooking side of food, but hear me out. You see, your more kitchen inclined friends have probably already put in the hours and days of effort to make this crack pie from scratch. Imagine how impressed they’ll be when you walk into the next gathering with a pretty little pie of your own. OR gift this to an awesome, oven-talented friend and have them make it for you. Everyone wins. {Momofuku Milk Bar, $16}
  4. Kombucha Kit – You’re a hipster foodie, so you’re all into the kombucha thing. You drink it everyday, and it’s costing you a pretty penny. Well, I’m gonna let you in on a not-so-secret-secret – all your other hipster foodie friends are making their kombucha at home. So get started with this kit. All the cool kids are doing it. {on Amazon, $54}
  5. Vosges Chocolate – Every time I spot a Vosges shop I buy a bar, or three, or five. No joke. It’s not just good chocolate. It’s good chocolate with interesting flavors! The Mini Exotic Candy Bar Library would make a sweet little gift (see what I did there? 😉 ), or check out the Exotic Truffle Collection for something a bit fancier. {Vosges, $25 and $42}

Do you know a foodie who can’t cook? Are you one? What are your favorite gifts to give and receive in this case?

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