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Gluten Free Winter Comfort Foods – Roundup

Gluten Free Winter Comfort Foods - Roundup

Is it still cold where you are? It was storming here the fast few days. By “storming” I mean raining hard. And by “raining hard” I mean we got a few inches, probably. That’s pretty much the extend of “storm” we get here in the Bay Area. It was windy, though!

We may not get winter the way some of you other folks do, but boy do I still crave something warm and hearty when it gets “cold” outside. I think it’s cold. You’d probably laugh in my face. 😛

Rain or snow, frost or dew, I’ve got over 40 deliciously comforting winter recipes for you over on Cupcakes & Kale Chips today! We’ve got casseroles, stews, slow cooker meals – just looking at them makes me want to cuddle up with a big bowl of…everything.

Click on over to Cupcakes & Kale Chips to see all the goodies I’ve gathered for ya, and I’ll meet you back here on Sunday for something special! (Yes, Sunday!)

What’s your favorite winter comfort food? 

Savory, lemon ginger oat porridge replaces the rice in traditional lugaw (Filipino rice porridge) with steel cut oats for a satisfying chew.
Warm and comforting - this mulled wine is winter in a cup. Winter is coming. Be prepared with this mulled wine recipe.

Baby, it’s cold outside. Warm up here:

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