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Levi’s Stadium – Local Foodie

Levi’s Stadium - Local Foodie

Wait, what? First mall food, and now a foodie post about a football stadium? If you’re confused, then you must not be very familiar with San Francisco team stadiums…or San Francisco/the Silicon Valley. Our stadiums do food a little different from what I hear.


I’ve heard a lot of flack about how AT&T Park (home of the current World Champion Giants ;)) serves crab sandwiches and clam chowder in bread bowls. They say it’s too bourgeois. Dude, settle down. You can get your hot dogs and garlic fries like 20 steps away. You can also sit at the club level and get a whole food court of different food offerings and wine delivered to you at your seat. 😉


Anyway, Levi’s Stadium. Let’s just say that Levi’s didn’t stray too far from the precedent that AT&T park set. You’ve got your franks, burgers and BBQ – standard game fare, but you’ve also got tortas, paninis, seafood, curry and steamed buns. Also, franks are sold separately from links because well, because. Bougeois? Maybe. I’m a fan of good food, and if I can get something delicious and out of the ordinary while cheering on my teams, I’m all for it!

You can download an app that lets you order ahead for express pickup to avoid the lines or even order a few basic items and have them delivered to your seat. We didn’t get to try as many items as I would have liked since eating can be difficult with a baby strapped to your chest, but what we did try was pretty good.


The Jalapeno Cheddar Bratwurst (not pictured) and Italian Herb Sausage were nice alternatives to the standard hot dogs or franks. They were both flavorful with good snap and weren’t overly greasy despite being piled high with onions and peppers.


The Steamed Buns were surprisingly good. The filling was comparable to what you’d get at good Chinese dim sum, and the bun itself was nice and fluffy. What made this one interesting was the sauces and toppings of green onion, cilantro, carrots and bell peppers – definitely not standard, and they added a lot of flavor and texture.


Some things I’m going to be on the lookout for next time:
BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich
Steamed Pork Belly Bao
Bavarian Bratwurst
Nopales Cactus Torta
Rotisserie Chicken Mac n Cheese

We made it on the jumbotron! 😉


What’s the stadium food like where you live? Is San Francisco food really that out of the ordinary?

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