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Off the Grid – Local Foodie

Off the Grid - Local Foodie

Food trucks – one of my favorite types of eats. That’s me – food trucks and Michelin stars. 😛

Luckily, the South Bay has a fairly good food truck scene, partly thanks to trucks from the City trekking down to serve us at food truck gatherings.


Years ago we would head out to food truck gatherings fairly often – Moveable Feast, SJ Eats, Edgewood Eats ( back when they existed). If there was a food truck gathering notification, we were there. In fact, we had a run where we would hit Milpitas Street Eats every week.


These days, we don’t get around to the food trucks as often, so on one Whole Foods run I was pretty much jumping up and down to see Off the Grid set up right in the parking lot.


They had a good assortment of trucks present – from burritos to ice cream, Indian food and burgers. We grabbed stuff from Sam’s Chowdermobile and Chairman Bao because I can never resist the bao.


The pork belly with pickled daikon is always a hit. Great flavor and texture combo. I always grab a tofu bun for myself because I love the sauce and the soft yet crispy tofu.


Mini Foodie  was all over the clam chowder and oyster crackers.


They also had live music, which Mini Foodie was also all over. If you can’t tell, she’s dancing. It’s okay. We can’t always tell either. 😉


Granted, we haven’t hit the food trucks too often lately, but Off the Grid was one of the better food truck gatherings that we’ve been to. There was plenty of seating and tables. The lighting was great even though it was outdoors in the winter. They also allowed guests to use the restrooms inside Whole Foods, which is a nice step up from porto-potties. 😛

Check out Off the Grid’s website to see if there’s a gathering near you. (PS. They have no idea who I am. Just thought I’d share. :) )

How’s the food truck scene where you live?

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